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Below are some helpful links that will provide you with quick access to some of the more relevant information Boiseans will be looking for:
Want to know what Zone you currently live in? Use the link below to find your home using the interactive map:
Zoning Code Rewrite (

Want to see the proposed code in its entirety, including information about lot sizes (p. 196), allowed uses (p. 135), off-street parking requirements (p. 253) or your right to public engagement (p. 325)? Click hereBoise Zoning Code Adoption Draft by City of Boise - Issuu

Want to figure out how the zoning code defines "affordability" when talking about housing built under the proposed code? For example, new "affordable" for-sale homes built in R1 zones using Incentive 1 would be for people making 20% more than the average Boisean! Thats $105,000 per year for a family of 4, does that match your definition of "affordable" or workforce housing for teachers, carpenters or your local grocery store employee??
Income Guidelines | City of Boise

Want to see the size of your lot or the size of lots near your home? Go to the Ada County Assessor interactive map, zoom into your location, click the "I want to" button and then "find data on map" option to click on one or more lots of interest.
Ada County Assessor Parcel Viewer.  
Alternatively, you can search by address here:

Want to see the City of Boise Zoning Code Rewrite webpage and how it describes the proposed code as creating "...developments that better preserve and enhance community character, integrate with existing neighborhoods and align with the city’s comprehensive plan, Blueprint Boise."?
Zoning Code Rewrite | City of Boise

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