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Why should you reject the Boise upzone?

  • Splitting lots into two encourages demolition of existing housing and increases investor-owned residential housing.

  • Excessive Building Heights - new construction has no consideration for existing homes next door.

  • Reduced parking required for new development. For instance, a new 4-bedroom house will only require 1 parking space. How is that not going to cause a parking issue??

  • Neighborhood Cafe's allowed by right in all R zones - alcohol sales and outdoor seating allowed during business hours of 6am - 10 pm.

  • Residential Retail Sales in residential zones - allowing operation from 6am-10pm is outrageous. How will retail activity at these locations not cause impacts to nearby neighbors?

  • No owner-occupancy requirement for "Bed and Breakfast" uses (i.e. aribnb, etc.). How will this not encourage more investors to buy residential homes in Boise for short-term rentals?

  • Loss of existing low-income rentals - as experienced in other areas (Seattle, Portland, etc.), higher density incentivizes demolition and redevelopment which will target market rate to maximize investment return.

  • Live/Work in residential zones - why are these different from residential retail sale and why are we allowing two non-illuminated signs for this activity in residential neighborhoods?

  • ADU's currently require a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) and the property owner to occupy either the existing home or ADU. Ask for the CUP and owner-occupancy requirement to remain to reduce investor purchases of residential homes in Boise. Ask for a parking space to be required for all ADUs, not just 2-bedroom.

  • "Affordable housing" is wrongly defined as those making 120% of average median income - only the upper half of Boise families could afford these homes!

  • More to come as we continue to digest the 562-page Boise Zoning Code Rewrite.

house next to 3 story_edited.jpg

No height considerations of existing homes next door 


Single Family Attached - allowed "by right" in all R zones in Boise

Live Work Example_edited.jpg

Live/Work - allowed "by right" in all R zones. Do you want these in your residential neighborhood?

Cottage Village_edited.jpg

Cottage Village - can be used as short-term rental (i.e. airbnb) or long-term rental. No owner occupancy requirement.

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